What Are Cloud Styles

If you don’t own presets or just want to try new looks, you can choose from our expanding selection of Cloud Styles. Cloud Styles are just like the presets you know and love, but are accessible for anyone. They do not need to be installed locally nor do they need to be purchased. In addition, you will automatically get new Cloud Styles inside your Impossible Things menu as we expand this selection.

Cloud Styles include standard Impossible Things styles (currently available) and Artists Styles (coming very soon).

Impossible Things Styles

Impossible Things Cloud Styles are designed with the same detail and care as the rest of the DVLOP lineup of presets. They have been tuned and tested and work great as is. They also offer an incredible starting point for customizing your own look through Custom Tuning.

Impossible Things Cloud Styles include:

  • Classic
  • Classic BW
  • Deep Black
  • Film
  • Matte

Artist Styles

Coming very soon

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