What is Custom Tuning

Not all presets are created equal. Custom tuning was originally created to account for certain presets darkening or brightening the exposure of an image. After building in a simple solution we decided to expand it to many more options that affect the behavior of Impossible Things’ predictions and the balancing of custom presets.  
Custom tuning will affect your edits moving forward with options for warming or cooling the white balance predictions or adjusting most other predictions in Lightroom’s basic panel.  
Perhaps the preset is balanced already, but you just prefer your edits to be a bit warmer by default.  Custom tuning allows you to easily tune the output of Impossible things to your preferences in seconds without the need to retrain the system for each change of style.  Custom tuning is available to all users of Impossible Things.  Your personal custom tuning preferences work and save independently for each preset you choose to tune.  Custom tuning options sync to your account in the cloud automatically and are available on any workstation you sign into.
How to find Custom Tuning
Custom Tuning may be found at: File > Plug-In Extras > Impossible Things - Custom Tuning


The most effective way to use Custom Tuning to match your preferences is to:

Step 1:  Edit a sample cross section of 15 or more photos using Impossible Things and your preset of choice.

Step 2:  Review and edit those images to your preferences.

Step 3:  In the Develop panel scroll down just below your presets to History.
Your changes will be recorded for reviewing.  Find the average of your changes or pay attention to your editing tendencies and add those values to Custom Tuning using the included incremental sliders.

The next time you edit with that preset, your tuning preferences will be applied relatively to the Impossible Things edits.

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