What is AI Masking Preconditioning

For users of Lightroom Classic 12 or later, Impossible things offers Ai masking preconditioning to enhance the subject of the photo or to provide some targeted retouching.  We call it preconditioning because the final render isn’t applied until you are ready so that it doesn’t interfere with the speed of your workflow.  

  • AI Enhance Subject - Masks the subject of the photo and slightly darkens and minimizes everything else.
  • AI Retouch Portrait - Isolates and smooths face skin and body skin, locates and whitens teeth, and finds eyes to give them a gentle pop
Method 1: The easiest way to render the AI masks after your edit is complete, is to select any or all photos in the Library panel grid view and use the shortcuts OPT+CMD+U for macOS or ALT+CTRL+U for Windows.

Method 2: Additionally, you can apply the AI masks to your edits from the menu in the Library panel. When in Library, from the top menu bar select Photo > Develop Settings > Update AI Settings.

Method 3: Lastly, you can apply the masks selectively while editing in the Develop panel. Select the masking option above the basic panel:
  Then from the Masks menu that opens, click on Update All.

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