What is the Intelligence Slider

The all new intelligence slider is designed to give even more control over how your images are treated. 

The intelligence slider controls how much influence Impossible Things has over your preset selection when making predictions.  

At the recommended 100%, Impossible Things makes situational predictions on 38 individual sliders and seamlessly blends with your preset selection. At 0% Impossible Things will only predict Exposure, Temperature and Tint, leaving the rest of your preset selection alone and static. 

The beautiful thing about this slider is that you can choose exactly how much influence you want to give to the Ai.  Exposure, Temperature and Tint, will always be predicted; Every other prediction will only be as impactful as you choose for it to be.

How to find the Intelligence Slider

The Intelligence Slider may be found at: File > Plug-In Extras > Impossible Things - Custom Tuning

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