How to Install Impossible Things

We have created an installer to make installing the Impossible Things plug-in quick and easy.


• STEP 1 - Download and run the DVLOP & THINGS installer from your DVLOP account
• STEP 2 - Let the installer guide you through the installation process
• STEP 3 - Select and install IMPOSSIBLE THINGS from the list of items
• STEP 4 - Restart Lightroom Classic


• STEP 1 - Download and unzip the DVLOP & THINGS installer from your DVLOP account page ( 

You will find two installers, one for OSX and one for Windows.  Run the appropriate installer for your system.

Note: Upon start up, your system may ask you for your computer Administrator User Name and Password.

• STEP 2 - Once the installer starts, it will guide you through the installation process. 

Click Next to proceed

Please review the End User License Agreement carefully. 

Choose "I accept the agreement" and Click Next if you accept the Agreement.

Verify the installation with your DVLOP account information (email and password) and click Next.

• STEP 3 - The DVLOP & THINGS installer will automatically display the Impossible Things plug-in and all available packs and profile updates on your DVLOP account. 

Ensure Impossible Things is selected. 

Click  Next.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

• STEP 4 - Restart Lightroom Classic.

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