How to Add or Change Authorized Devices

For Unlimited Subscribers, Impossible Things limits the number of authorized devices that can be used with a single account.  Adding new authorized or removing old devices is very intuitive and easy (Impossible Things 1.40 or later only).

To authorize a device, you simply need to log into Impossible Things with your account on that device.  Thats it!  The first devices to be used with the plug-in will be authorized until you hit your device limit.

If you try to log into Impossible Things on a new device after your device limit has been reached, you will be prompted with an error:

As long as the reset countdown has reached zero, you will be able to reset your devices by simply choosing 'Reset Devices'

You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm:

If successful, you will see a successful reset message:

The next devices to be used with your account will become the new authorized devices.

You can also manage your devices from your account:

Under DVLOP Account Management > Authorized Devices Reset, you can manage and reset your devices in the same way.  As always, after a reset, you simply need to log into Impossible Things with your new device for it to be registered and authorized.

There is a cooldown period required in between resets to prevent account sharing, but it shouldn't interfere with normal device changes or upgrades.

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