How to Use Free Re-Edits

With Impossible Things, we have introduced the ability to re-edit any image originally edited using Impossible Things Edit Credits. This feature can be used an unlimited number of times within the first 24 hours of the original edit.

How to re-edit for free:

1.  After you have run Impossible Things on any number of images:
Any time within the following 24 hours that you select any one of those images again, Impossible Things will recognize those images as re-edits.

2.  In the Edit Photos dialog, Impossible Things will display the total number of images selected and will calculate the total number of included re-edits.  Any image included in the free re-edits calculation will NOT use additional edit credits.

3.  Click 'Proceed' to re-edit

If you do not see the 'Number of free re-edits' line in your Edit Photos dialog, please be sure to update your plugin to the latest version using the DVLOP & THINGS installer found in your things account:

The system will only remember the original raw photo edited.
It will NOT:  
A. Recognize virtual copies of the same photo.  
B. Recognize any photo sharing the same name. 

This feature can be used to:
A. Explore different cloud styles and presets
B. Fine tune and adjust custom tuning
C. Re-edit portions of an event with a different look or adjusted tuning.
D. Make an easy correction if you ran the plugin using the wrong/unintended preset.

The internal memory of edit photos decays after 24 hours.  Within the initial 24 hours there is no limit on the amount of re-edits you can perform.

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